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We at DFORM PROJECT, are known for our ability to completely transform interior spaces into timeless masterpieces that take interior design and interior styling to a whole new level. All our projects, no matter their scale and size, are treated with the same level of efficiency, attention to detail and design integrity. Our interior design projects and interior styling services vary depending on the requirements of each project, but the most important ingredient is our clients’ satisfaction.


Our interior design services include all of the following and more –

  • Kitchen layout design and bathroom layout design

  • Lighting scenarios, positioning and types of light

  • Construction documentation

  • Surface textures and materials

  • Colour selection and finishes


We provide a very in-depth analysis of your space and inform you of the best usage options. We listen to your creative input and respond with the most suitable solutions paying attention to both function and aesthetics of the space. After an initial consultation and understanding of your specific briefs, the team at DFORM PROJECT will proceed to draft digital floorplans to layout the proposed design for the project. This is followed by digital 3D renderings and physical scale models to better visualise the final outcome. As with any interior design project, iterations and adjustments are a natural part of the overall process and the team at DFORM PROJECT will be there every step of the way to discuss additions and modifications until all parties are satisfied with the proposed design.

Regarding our interior styling services, we source from a wide variety of suppliers to provide the most desirable look for your space and to ensure that the design is practical, is coherent and luxurious. We seek to create an emotional response from anyone who walks into one of our projects through our strong conceptual framework and understanding of interior lighting, space and atmosphere. We source a diverse range of individual furniture, artwork, accessory and lighting pieces to give each space a unique characteristic and build upon the centrepiece without letting it overpower the whole space. We will work closely with you to curate and understand your creative perspective and desire for the interior space to ensure a very aesthetic result.  

We at DFORM PROJECT believe that first impressions are everything. They are the key selling point to any property as it catches the crowd’s attention immediately and makes a lasting impression. We offer a curated interior design and interior decorating service for any commercial and residential project and we will provide you with an exceptional design service from start to finish. As a summary of our interior design services, we cover the initial schematics and conceptual design strategies, all the way through to construction-ready paperwork and drafting.

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When we say we offer a complete design package, we mean it. We provide design and construction services that can transform and build an entire new property from the ground up. We provide any home renovation services and property renovation services in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Please contact us if you are interested in these services and we would love to assist you in creating the build of your dreams.

Following the completed interior design brief, the team at DFORM PROJECT are more than happy to assist with any construction and renovation enquiries. We are an agency that provide the whole service in one place so you don’t have to waste your money and time reaching out to other businesses which can often complicate the overall process. Apartment renovations and home renovations are our specialties.

We specialise in all areas of construction and renovation but our core focal point is placed on kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations. We have established long-term relationships with our suppliers, tradesmen and builders which ensures a smooth workflow for all our client work as they understand our high standards and commitments to each interior project.

The team at DFORM PROJECT are present throughout every stage of your design journey. We do not sit idly by and outsource our design services. Instead, we provide a hands-on approach to not only guarantee that our partnering workers are on track, but to also streamline the workflow through time and material management. We oversee and handle all aspects of our projects from the initial design consultation to conceptual design drafting, all the way through to documentation and adding the final touches. No detail is ever left unattended in any of our projects which is how we achieve our stunning end results.

The design and construction team at DFORM PROJECT are very experienced in completing a new residential space from scratch. Whether it be the reconfiguration and remodelling of a particular area, the addition of a completely new section or a reconfiguration of your floor plan, we have you covered! We are equipped to bring the blueprints to life and elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your living areas while keeping in mind the requirements and lifestyles of your family or clients.

To us, the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is where families and friends gather, cook, and enjoy each other's company. As a space that is being used multiple times on a daily basis, the kitchen is the most susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, it is important to have a critical selection of materials and finishes to ensure a kitchen that lasts for years to come.

If you have a kitchen that is nearly a decade old, it is time for a renovation. As our cooking and dining habits change, the kitchen should adapt and evolve. Whatever it may be, the team and DFORM PROJECT can assist with any of your kitchen renovation concerns.

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Within any household, the bathroom is the space that is most likely to be renovated. Similarly, to a kitchen, bathrooms are used multiple times a day and received constant wear and tear from all members of the household. It is a space where you prepare yourself after you wake up, to when you relax at the end of the day. Bathrooms can be considered a bit of a sanctuary to some as it provides a space for individual downtime to unwind.

Take bathroom renovations as an opportunity to enhance your luxury and enjoyment within your own home on a day to day basis. A function and beautiful looking bathroom has a huge positive impact on your lifestyle. If you would like some advice on how you can upgrade your bathrooms, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at DFORM PROJECT!

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